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IGN: qtChan
by qtChan » 10 months ago


Hello there slime lovers! Once again, today we crafted yet another update to enhance your gameplay!


The Custom Mobs Update!

The Bandits Faction had arrived to SlikeSkies. Ready your swords and save your pockets for they are really hard to deal with!
This mobs will irritate you to the fullest! They will run to you at high speed and rob your hard earned money in an instant!

This mobs will make its way to the survival and skyblock realm!

This mobs spawns with different levels. Higher level opponent means harder opponents!

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Welcome Cortana

Together with the realease of some new PVE experience we are proud to introduce Cortana. Our very own self learning machine-ai Anti-Cheat. This Anti-Cheat is codded since 2014 and tested in the developer/owners pass servers. Although this anti-cheat detects every hack clients we intended to not allow it to ban people automatically. This is done to avoid false possitive bans.


How do you like our new update?
Comment your thoughts bellow for a free ultra and captain keys!