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by qtChan » 10 months ago



Hello there slime lovers! Once again, today we crafted yet another update to enhance your gameplay!




The Grand Expedition Update
This update focuses on the survival server. The slimedustry on earth is not enough for our slimepire therefor, the slime association decided to launch an expedition to the moon! Journey to the moon with the brand new update! The adorable pets has arrived too so don't forget to check them out! Together with this new world we added jobs for everyone to earn their own moneys! To get a job just do /jobs or /jobs browse! One last major update brought to the slime skies survival server is the addtion of CraftBook! Experience the plugin that dominated the early days of minecraft! Use those fancy gates and bridges together with a lot of new devices provided by the plugin!

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We tweaked cortana so that he will detect less false possitives.

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